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SAE AMS3281G : 2022

Sealing Compound, Polysulfide (T) Synthetic Rubber for Integral Fuel Tank and Fuel Cell Cavities Low Density for Intermittent Use to 360 °F (182 °C)

Standard Details

This specification covers three types and three classes of fuel-resistant polysulfide sealing compound with low specific gravity, supplied as a two-component system which cures at room temperature.

Cross Reference: AMS2471,AMS2629,AMS3020,AMS3021,AMS3021B,AMS3100,AMS3276,AMS4045,AMS4911,AMS5516,AMSC27725,AS5127,AS5127/1,AS5502,MIL-DTL-81706,MIL-PRF-23377,MIL-PRF-85285,MIL-PRF-85582,PD2000

General Information

Status : Revised
Standard Type: Main
Document No: SAE AMS3281G : 2022
Document Year: 2022
Pages: 15

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SAE AMS3281G : 2022
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