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ISO/IEC 4922-2 : 2024

Information security — Secure multiparty computation — Part 2: Mechanisms based on secret sharing

Standard Details

This document specifies the processes for secure multiparty computation mechanisms based on the secret sharing techniques which are specified in ISO/IEC 19592-2. Secure multiparty computation based on secret sharing can be used for confidential data processing. Examples of possible applications include collaborative data analytics or machine learning where data are kept secret, secure auctions where each bidding price is hidden, and performing cryptographic operations where the secrecy of the private keys is maintained.

This document specifies the mechanisms including but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication by a constant, shared random number generation, and multiplication with their parameters and properties. This document describes how to perform a secure function evaluation using these mechanisms and secret sharing techniques.

General Information

Status : Published
Standard Type: Main
Document No: ISO/IEC 4922-2 : 2024
Document Year: 2024
Pages: 33
Edition: 1
  • ICS:
  • 35.030 IT Security *Including encryption

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ISO/IEC 4922-2 : 2024
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