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ISO 15027-1:2012

Immersion suits — Part 1: Constant wear suits, requirements including safety

Standard Details

ISO 15027-1:2012 specifies performance and safety requirements for constant wear immersion suits for work and leisure activities to protect the body of a user against the effects of cold water immersion, such as cold shock and hypothermia.

It is applicable for dry and wet constant wear immersion suits.

Abandonment suits are not covered by ISO 15027-1:2012. Requirements for abandonment suits are given in ISO 15027-2. Test methods for immersion suits are given in ISO 15027-3.

General Information

Status : Published
Standard Type: Main
Document No: ISO 15027-1:2012
Document Year: 2012
Pages: 18
Edition: 2

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ISO 15027-1:2012
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