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ANSI/HI 14.1-14.2 : 2019
Rotodynamic Pumps for Nomenclature and Definitions

Rotodynamic Pumps for Nomenclature and Definitions

Document No. ANSI/HI 14.1-14.2 Document Year 2019
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This document is published by The Hydraulic Institute (HI) (HI)

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Scope of Standard:

This standard is for types, nomenclature, and definitions of rotodynamic pumps with radial, mixed flow, and axial flow impellers, as well as regenerative turbine, Pitot tube, vertical diffuser, submersible motor deep-well and shortset pumps, commonly defined as vertically suspended rotor and vertical overhung impeller types (that may be driven by vertical electric motors or horizontal engines with right-angle gears) of all industrial/commercial types.

What You Will Learn/Overall Benefits:

•Gain a fundamental understanding of rotodynamic centrifugal pumps to properly classify and describe different pump types

•Learn terms that apply to different pump parts to better communicate with manufacturers and other pump people using standardized terminology

•Understand how to identify pump parts for troubleshooting in the field

Applicable Markets: Most common pump industry segments using rotodynamic centrifugal pumps in various services including chemical, petroleum, slurry, water and wastewater, residential, electric power, residential, electric power and more.

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