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B1.25 : 2019
Measurement Uncertainty Factors in the Calibration of Screw Thread Gages

Measurement Uncertainty Factors in the Calibration of Screw Thread Gages

Document No. B1.25 Document Year 2019
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This document is published by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

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The increasing demand for regular calibration of equipment used to ensure dimensional conformity in manufacturing has created corresponding growth in the number of calibration facilities to meet it. This in turn has brought more stringent requirements for those doing such work, including a requirement for a statement of measurement uncertainty applicable for each measurement reported.

Publications such as the ASME B1 Technical Report Measurement Uncertainty for 60 deg. Screw Thread Gage Element Measurement were produced to assist in evaluating the impact of uncertainty for gage calibration. Unfortunately, the values shown in ASME B1 were often adopted as generic in nature even though equipment and procedures being used did not match those on which the indicated values were based. This led to wide variations in reported uncertainties and disagreements over measurements. This Standard replaces the B1 Technical Report by providing a generic base that can be used for uncertainty calculations.

While the calculations used to produce uncertainty values are well documented, the elements that have to be considered require knowledge of metrology in keeping with the specialized nature of precision gage calibrations and the standards to which precision gage calibration devices are made. This is particularly critical with respect to the calibration of thread gages. This Standard has been prepared to assist in the calculation of related uncertainty values by noting unique details of the calibration procedures and the various elements that have to be considered.

Following the approvals of the ASME B1 Standards Committee and ASME, approval for this edition was granted by ANSI on March 15, 2019.

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