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ACI 305R : 2020 Guide to Hot Weather Concreting

Guide to Hot Weather Concreting

Document No. ACI 305R Document Year 2020
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This document is published by American Concrete Institute (ACI)

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Environmental factors, such as high ambient temperature, low humidity, high wind, or both low humidity and high wind, affect concrete properties and the construction operations of mixing, transporting, and placing of the concrete materials. This guide provides measures that can be taken to minimize the undesirable effects of these environmental factors and reduce the potential for serious problems.

This guide defines hot weather, discusses potential problems, and presents practices intended to minimize them. These practices include selecting materials and proportions, precooling ingredients, and batching. Other topics discussed include length of haul, consideration of concrete temperature as placed, facilities for handling concrete at the site, and, during the early curing period, placing and curing techniques, and appropriate testing and inspection procedures in hot weather conditions.

The materials, processes, quality control measures, and inspections described in this document should be tested, monitored, or performed as applicable only by individuals holding the appropriate ACI certifications or equivalent.

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